Firm's Philosophies

         Avoid experimental products and construction technologies.  As public sector work represents 70% of our client base, we only use known and proven products and construction and mechanical systems.
   Gaffney avoids experimental "architecture".  The building architecture of are projects are a direct product of the project's program statement and most typically to be architecturally harmonic with the surrounding area. Gaffney does not use our projects for promoting new "architecture", obtaining design awards or name recognition.  You will note from the enclosed materials Gaffney has design skills in all architectural schools (traditional, contemporary, colonial, Victorian, etc).  We do not promote any one specific architectural style.


   Consultants are selected based upon the needs of each project.  Gaffney does not limit itself to a specific consultant or consultant group.  We recognize that each building type has there own unique issues and the consultants used should be equally unique.
   Consultant selection is based upon the consultants experience with a particular discipline, geographic location to project, availability and to meet schedules.
   Gaffney avoids using large multi discipline firms.  These firms promote the benefits of all in house services and discipline coordination.  In reality we have found these "benefits" are outweighed by other short comings:
  These firms tend to be corporate in nature and projects are assigned to "project engineers".  Project engineers are usually specialist in only on discipline, however are responsible for overseeing and directing the work of other engineers in other disciplines.  They typically are given time and budget restraints for each project.
  The quality of there services are directly related to the capabilities, scheduling and budgets associated with the project engineer.  Typically we have found these firms to take the road of least resistance and the least risk to themselves.
  Consequently, many times systems are over designed, specified items are not necessary cost responsive and collectively unnecessarily increase the project costs.
  These firms experience a high turn over of engineers, in each instance that we have used a multi discipline firm, the original project engineer had been replaced by another mid project.  This has been the cause of several problems.
   Gaffney seeks consultants that are principal owned and where the consultant is the principal actually doing the work.  This provides Gaffney the opportunity to review with the consultant a multitude of cost / to performance  options for evaluation and have direct knowledge and input in the consultant's work.

   Gaffney's reputation has been built upon providing realistic, functional design solutions that offer value engineering, durability, and low maintenance. The are the common objectives of the type of clients and projects that we specialize in.
   Our objectives are to build long term relationships with municipalities.  Providing quality services that are fully project responsive in our best resource for future projects in the communities that have engaged us.
   We adhere to traditional professional standards with the philosophy that architecture is a profession and not a business with responsibilities to our clients as a priority above profits.  We want to know that when a project is complete we have provided our best professional skills in meeting all the project's needs.

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