Qualification Statement

We have prepared this Qualification Statement to provide you an overview of our experience and qualifications for your clubhouse and maintenance facility needs.  It has been prepared to illustrate our firm's distinctions from others and  to provide a solid profile on our organization, philosophies, expertise and includes items which are frequently overlooked in the evaluation process.  This information will be of particular benefit as not only will it function to qualify our firm, it will be a useful tool for your committee in comparing firms and developing criteria for selecting firms that will best meet your needs.

   More than sixty years of experience in Public Construction (since 1932)
   70% of all clients and Projects are municipal
   Familiar with Mass. General Laws for Public Construction, Public Bidding, Bid Protests, Prevailing Wages, Non Proprietary Specifications and all other regulations for Public Construction (an everyday activity).
   Experienced with the design objectives common to municipalities
     Comprehensive and Functional Organizational Layouts
     Building construction quality and long term durability
     Low maintenance
     Community responsive architecture
       Value engineering and energy efficiency
       Cost responsive design solutions
       Assistance with public presentations
           (See Gaffney List of Projects)

     Architects on other significant Local Buildings:
  Barnstable District Court Houses ( Barnstable & Orleans),Orleans (Snow) Library, Mashpee Public Library, Cape Cod Bank and Trust (main branch), Yarmouth House Restaurant, Skippy's Pier 1 Restaurant, Sandy Neck Gate House

     Three Registered Architects as Principals:
  Guarantees direct principal involvement with your project.  You will be working directly with the person that owns the firm and that will be responsible for all aspects of  your project's success.
  There are employee no "project" architects that can leave mid project, have performance schedules, conceal problems from the Principal or have to "report" to the Principal before decisions can be rendered..

    Each Architect has a specific portfolio:

 Robert Therrien. AIA, President, assumes all project responsibilities and is the direct contract person.  He provide attends all meetings, provides all the programming, prepares the design, oversees the preparation of contract documents, conducts bid openings, does the contract administration and deals with all project problems and issues.
    (Robert Therrien has academic background in both design and engineering schools, in addition he had taught construction technology and methods in both schools and currently is a professor of technology and management at Wentworth Institute)
 Charles Dean, AIA, Vice President, prepares cost projections, researches products, prepares the project's specifications, and assists with some of the Contract Administration
 G. Parker Carpenter, RA, Director, oversees the production of drawings, is responsible for project schedules, coordinates all consultants,  reviews project submittals, maintains project records and administers the shop drawing procedures.

      In-House Engineering:

 Charles Fureur, PE, provides all the Structural Engineering.
 Dean Fenton, PE, provides all the Mechanical Engineering ( Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Plumbing and Fire Protection)
 Michael Jones, PE, provides all the Electrical Engineering.
    Gaffney Technical Staff:
  All Gaffney technical staff are required to have academic background or degrees in either Architectural Engineering or in Architectural Technology.  It has been our experience that employees with BA degrees in Architecture are most interested in "creative" design and less effective in preparing drawings for instructional construction.  This requirement assures sound understanding of building systems, construction assemblies, construction detailing, and is key in the preparation of drawings that respond to the methods familiar to contractors, avoids delays and diminishes the need for change orders.

    Firm's Speciality Staff:

Louis DeSaults is the firm's interior designer and assumes responsibilities for interior finishes; color, paint, product, selection, as well as interior furnishings.  All products are reviewed for fire and smoke performance as well as durability.
   Gaffney is the largest firm on Cape Cod.
   As a mid size firm, principal owned we can provide the benefits of both small and large firms without the disadvantages:
  Small firms have the benefit of having the architect as principal me intimately involved with every aspect of the project.  However, a small firm usually cannot provide the technical level of staff or meet the schedules for the larger projects.
  Large firms typically can offer greater levels of technical staff and usually meet schedules.  However, to exist they must have several large projects in contract at a given time.  There is limited principal involvement, the firm is dependent upon the capabilities (and availability) of its "project architects" and the success of the project is directly related to that individuals performance.

           Over the last ten years Gaffney has consistently delivered completed projects within 10% of our cost projection (most within 5%).  In addition, Gaffney has consistently delivered completed projects within 5% of Contract Award.   The professional average is 10% for new construction and 15 to 20% to complex additions and renovations.  Considering more that 70% percent of our projects are complex additions and renovations to existing and occupied buildings, our performance is indeed exceptional.
    (See Gaffney Performance on Costs)

   Gaffney's continued operation a professional architects since 1932.
   Size and complexity of Gaffney Projects
   Gaffney's continued operations during economic recessions since 1932.

   Readily Available for all building committee meetings
   Readily Available for all Regulatory Agencies
   Readily Available for all Construction Site Visits
    Readily Available for all Construction questions and issues.

   American Institute of Architects
   Boston Society of Architects
   American Association of Specification Writers
   National Fire Protection Association
   National Trust For Historic Preservation
   Massachusetts Historic Commission
   Victorian Society of America

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